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The blessings of a girl child



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Rani was 9 weeks pregnant, when she came to one of our Life for All staff members.

Her sister accompanied her and immediately burst out with the need for an abortion. You see, Rani had been raped, and was pregnant out of wedlock. Our staff member explained about the development of the baby, its uniqueness and worth, and gave Rani a model of a baby the same age as her little one. Rani’s eyes lit up as she realized that she was carrying a complete and perfect child in her womb, and not a lump of cells as others had said. One sensed that this child could help Rani overcome the indignity and pain of all she had experienced.

The two sisters were quickly convinced that this child had a real purpose and a right to live, just like any other human being. Returning home, however, the situation grew dim. Rani’s brother-in-law was not willing to let this shameful situation rob him of his reputation and ambitions as a local politician. The baby would have to go.Immediately Rani and the entire family left for another town and were not seen for weeks. Rani was forced to have her child taken from her womb in a back-alley abortion, also endangering her health. Rani’s child is dead. Rani’s heart is broken.

This tragic and sadly not uncommon situation led Life for All to take immediate action so that women like Rani can flee from opposition and find a safe place during the time of their pregnancy. During her time in this safe place – we call it our Life Center – the expecting mother will experience love, hope, and she can also profit from learning a trade. Food and shelter will be provided in their time of pregnancy. Life for All staff will tend to them in their everyday needs and will accompany them for their delivery in the local hospital. If her personal situation prevents her from bringing up her child herself, then Life for All will help her to find a loving home.

To date Life for All’s Life Center has provided a sanctuary of life to more than 70 mothers and their children.

Defending the value of human life from conception to natural death is our mission.

Value of life


Now, why would we launch the first Pregnancy Helpline in India?

In short: Pregnant women in India have nowhere to go to voice their questions and fears. There’s no place they can get accurate, life-affirming information.

In India, there are 15.6 million abortions every year – that’s one baby every 2 and a half seconds. In India, women are often rejected for carrying girls, and many of them forced to abort their baby girl. In India, unwed mothers are shamed by society, “Either you abort or you’re out of the family”. In India, you shouldn’t have more than two children – that’s only for the uneducated. In India, you don’t give birth to children with special needs – what will the neighbors say?

In India, we abort – 15.6 million times each year.


Countless women are struggling with the aftereffects of these abortions, filled with hurt and myriads of negative thoughts and emotions. Infertility rates are skyrocketing. Today thousands of pregnant women in our nation are feeling alone with the decisions they need to make.


The cry of their heart being:... Who will support me? The answer: Life for All will. Add to that a multitude of pregnant women who lack basic knowledge of their own bodies and their growing baby. Myths and misconceptions shroud pregnancy sometimes to dangerous extents. We have encountered women who, mistaking their baby for a growing tumor, take medicine, which can harm their child. Who will inform them? Life for All will. 


Our professionally trained counselors offer one-on-one on-call and chat counseling, providing accurate information on all pregnancy related topics. We offer resource materials and, when possible, connect clients to local life care centers so they can receive in-person support.


Pregnancy Helpline India is free and confidential. It’s for her. It’s for them.


For further information please visit our website at


Defending the value of human life from conception to natural death is our mission.

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Pregnancy helpline


Our Life Seminars are a main pillar of our work, and we cannot stress enough how important they are for anyone and everyone to hear. This is because we address issues, which gravely affect people of all spheres of society, of all ages and religions.

Studies from South India have shown that school children on average start watching pornography in 9th standard. This underlines our sense of urgency to address this issue to students, both boys and girls. Life Seminars are held for school students from 8th standard onwards and college students of all ages.

So, how does pornography viewing affect me, you might ask? Does it damage my relationships? When does a  child’s life begin, and how does the abortionist end it? Will an abortion affect the mother? What will bring me joy in life?

Answers to these and many more questions will be dealt with sensitively in our Life Seminars.

We cover topics such as choices and consequences, gender affirmation, the downside of immoral relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, the dangers of pornography, fetal development, youth abortion and its consequences, female foeticide and its consequences for Indian society and demography.

We run these moral awareness seminars for all different kinds of people groups, be they college and school students, lawyers, doctors, nurses, villages, and corporations. Feedback tells us that our Life Seminars are life changing. Life for All has held seminars on over 700 occasions, reaching more than 130,000 participants in 22 states of India.

Our overriding goal is to help create a society, which lives by such high moral standards that it values life above all else. We care about the individual, whilst bringing this message of morality to millions. If you would like to book a Life Seminar, please contact us.

Defending the value of human life from conception to natural death is our mission.

Moral Awareness


When we started Life for All in 2009 we were faced with the challenge of where to set our first priorities. Our vision to defend the value of human life from conception to natural death is broad and covers many fields. We decided to start with the protection of the unborn and unwanted girl children… but how can we also defend the value of life of the elderly, we asked ourselves, with our limited resources and accommodation?

We were shocked to see how many old people in our city are just left by their relatives at the government hospital. They drop them off, never to return, and these old, often physically challenged people are left without anyone to help them. In many cases the hospital will not take them in, because there is nobody to admit them. They sit outside, day and night, in sun and rain, waiting to die. We immediately established a hospital team who regularly visited the hospital to clean and feed these elderly people who could not care for themselves. In many cases we were able to refer them to local old people’s homes.

When the request came in 2019 for Life for All to take the old people’s home “Long Life Center” under its wings, we knew at once that it was right to say yes, as caring for the elderly is such an integral part of our vision. The Long Life Center in Kovilpatti in southern India is a home for the destitute elderly who have been abandoned by their families. There are currently 25 women and men who are cared for, at no cost to themselves, by the home’s leaders, Celine and Jeba, a couple devoted to giving dignity and love to these women and men in their last days. We are so thankful for the difference they are making in the lives of these precious ones and are honored that they are now part of Life for All.

Defending the value of human life from conception to natural death is our mission.

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Long life center
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