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If this name rings a bell with you, then you have been at our side since the beginning! “Jasmina Jeevan was destined for abortion right from the time her grandparents found out she was there.“ This was the first sentence of the article in our newsletter about sweet Amudha in December 2011. She was just 20 years old when she became the second resident in our Life Center, unwed and carrying the child of a man, whom she was forbidden to marry. Totally intimidated and accompanied by a social worker, she had been dispatched for abortion in order that the entire village would not hear of her family’s shame. This social worker, however, had attended one of our life seminars, plucked up courage and brought Amudha to us. Only gradually could her parents reconcile themselves to the fact that Amudha would not give up her child. Much to the displeasure of her father, Amudha even wanted to parent the child when it turned out to be a daughter. Little

Jasmina Jeevan spent several years with her mother in our Life Center, while Amudha trained to be a seamstress and completed a correspondence course in EDP and accounting.

Against all expectations, Amudha then decided to return to her village with her head held high and together with her illegitimate daughter. What an uproar! Our timid Amudha faced the storm and showed that her quiet nature is paired with an inner strength bordering on unyieldingness. Nothing can fluster this young woman. What is particularly gratifying is that Amudha took what she learnt during her time with us about the value of every life and the equality of male and female and has applied this so as to change the mindset of an entire village. Amudha has been accepted into her local community and is fully respected. Jasmina Jeevan has many friends and has even won over the heart of her grandfather.

We are both happy and proud to announce that this beautiful young woman, who calls us Mama and Papa, has married and is now the mother of three daughters. As you know, it is a hair-raising notion to have more than one daughter in India. You can also imagine that Amudha and her husband Narasiman, together with Jasmina, Veronica and Varusha, are day by day ambassadors for the inestimable value of girls.

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